I design digital strategies, products and services.

For nearly 20 years I have been developing digital strategies and products for small and medium size businesses. Together we can leverage cutting edge technology to solve problems from the mundane to exotic. Contact me today to learn more about leveraging software solutions for your business.

AI Powered Visual Search for eCommerce

I leverage the latest technology options for your budget to create novel apps for your website. Contact me to learn more about how I used Artificial Intelligence to fuel visually similar products for Brand Lighting. Allow you customers access to more options by leveraging the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

From visual search to product attribution and so much more, AI allows you unprecedented power at your fingertips. By utilizing the latest APIs and algortihums from Google, Facebook and more I can help you integrate AI in your web app to increase user satisfaction. Learn more about how AI can help your business grow by contact me today!

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Whether you are a one man operation or an international organization, I can help your team build the presence your business needs.