Did you know your Wi-Fi is most likely insecure?

NEW KRACK vulnerability lets hackers easily take control of your device data transmitted over Wi-Fi, particularly routers that are WPA2 secured (which is just about everyone). This attack is carried out when the target and attacker are in the same area, ie. connecting to the same wifi. You could, quite literally, be standing next to the person stealing your bank information.

This vulnerability affects nearly every device and particularly web apps,websites , iOS and Android devices running Android 6 and higher !

Changing your router password will not do anything against this attack! Hardware vendors must update their firmware and chipsets in many instances.

What can you do?

  1. Patch your wireless routers and access points. See the list of available patches below.
  2.  First ALWAYS make sure that you see the green secured icon in the url box. Us hackers can access your device by mimicking the network you are on, allowing us to reroute traffic past the SSL but still serve the user content. The SSL icon in the url bar will be gone once this hack is in place. So keeping an eye out for your SSL acknowledgement is a must.
  3. Use an alternative encryption protocol. WPA2 is still one of the most secure so other threats lurk with other encryption protocols.
  4. Use LAN (hardwired) based connections.
  5. Isolate wi-fi networks separate from your LAN. ie. Guest network on a different subnet. This won’t help much but is good practice.

Always insure your websites and web apps are using SSL security from a trusted Certificate Authority!!!

Have questions or want to secure your site? Contact me or visit https://joshuaberkowitz.us/security

Available updates so far

The good news is that with such a dangerous vulnerability, companies have been quick to patch their software. Here’s a list of all the companies that have released security patches or information so far:

A list of vendors that have patched the vulnerability can be found on the CERT website, though the site appears to be under heavy traffic.

I will keep this list up to date as much as possible but check with your hardware vendor today to see what patches you need to put in place.