If you are a business professional then you know the importance of KPIs (Key performance Indicators) and their impact on everyday activities. Historically, data aggregation has been a technically difficult and expensive process, often out of the reach of small businesses. Today numerous SaaS (Software as a Service) based tools that have revolutionized the way we look at data points. Google’s DataStudio is a powerful data visualization tool for small to large corporations that takes the headache and expense out of data dashboards.

Google’s DataStudio was first launched in March of 2016 as free and enterprise versions. The free version has since undergone many improvements including the addition of unrestricted report limit. The enterprise subscription is available for large organizations that need collaboration and extensive report creation allowances. For the sake of this discussion we are going to focus on the free version for which nearly all small and medium size businesses can effectively utilize. 


What Is Google DataStudio?

As mentioned above, DataStudio is a cloud based data aggregation tool. This means that you can connect multiple data sources (think google sheets, google analytics and ODBC data connection). In the past, combining such data sets required custom programming, lots of debugging, results checking and well frustration. DataStudio allows users of all skill levels to quickly bring in data to a easy to design dashboard without complicated coding.

Users can use the data sources to combine and calculate different metrics relevant to their business. However the simplest use case scenario that we can imagine is the data aggregation of analytics. We will walk through a simple example below.

Using DataStudio For Analytics Reports

Whether you are a C level executive or a marketing manager, DataStudio can provide you with a quick glance across multiple sources to give a holistic view of the performance of multiple properties.

Let’s take a simple example from a project we are currently working on.

For PlayConn, ICRC Group is developing the complete marketing infrastructure. This includes everything digital, from website to landing pages to blog and support channels. Our programmers & designers have been working away to bring PlayConn to market!

As the infrastructure is being developed, a keen eye on KPIs and data collection is of particular attention. For startups with rapid growth potential knowing their daily data is crucial. In the below analytics dashboard we simply connected three analytics “properties” (Website/Blog/Support Portal) and pulled in the Google Analytics data for each of the sources to provide a quick one page visualization of the performance of each property compared to the other.

Adding additional pages is a great way to segment the KPIs by segment of the company. For instance let’s say marketing needs analytics data and CPC spend, and finance needs financial business indicators such as cash on hand, A/P, A/R etc….

Using a multi page report in DataStudio allows you combine these KPI’s into an easy to modify dashboard that is updated on each page load. Now decision makers in each part of the company can quickly look a business performance and make changes as required to meet performance goals.

The power behind the software is the native support for direct data source integration. Google’s DataStudio currently offers the following data source integrations.


  • File Upload
  • Adwords
  • Attribution 360
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud SQL
  • DCM
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • MySQL
  • PostreSQL
  • Search Console
  • YouTube Analytics


I can help your business leverage the latest tools to analyze your data and create a plan of action to meet your business goals. Data aggregation is a tricky business even with tools like DataStudio, trust your data to us  and let us help you reach your potential.