Ultra Trade B2B

UltraTrade was looking to build out a custom eCommerce solution for their business clients. For this project I selected to design a custom stencil theme for BigCommerce and integrate custom private apps to extend the functionality. Extended functionality such as restricting pricing to only logged in users and providing the ability to create a quote for Partner accounts was achieved with development of private apps.

The project ran on BigCommerce’s MEAN stack with heroku private apps powering the custom functionality. The project also included preparing and importing all product data, setup of merchant accounts, payment processing options, setup of a customized checkout for B2B customers, faceted search setup and much more. Unfortunately the client was not able to afford the long term development costs so this project stalled at this point. However it is a good showcase of the power of building eCommerce apps on BigCommerce. Ask me about how we can leverage the power of PaaS (platform as a service) to create an affordable enterprise level eCommerce experience for your business.

This landing page is a good example of a lead generation page which is an essential part of the purchase journey. When designing landing pages, I take into account many variables that affect your unique client base. Using the latest web standards I design and program a series of variations for A/B testing, a crucial part of the conversion funnel. Contact me to learn more about the ways to improve your customers purchase journey.

ClientUltra Trade WirelessServicesWeb Development, Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Theme Development, Private App Development, Catalog Management, Advanced eCommerce Analytics IntegrationYear2016Linkdevelopment-store34.mybigcommerce.com